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    Download Broken Age Full Apk 2.2.2 for Android (Adventure)

    Full Download Broken Age Apk 2.2.2 for Android + Obb Data
    Game Info:
    5,000 - 10,000
    Requires Android
    4.1 and up 
    Current Version
    Broken Age tells the stories of Shae and Vella, two young teenagers who grow up in very different worlds. Shae has been living on a space ship, since he can think of it, which is controlled by his mummy, an over-the-board computer. Instead of experiencing real adventures, the boy saves his friends of cuddly toys in front of ice cream mollusks or cuddles. No wonder the boy is doing everything he can to break out of his everyday life. Vella is really in the ink.

    But just as the first act after a moderately surprising twist finally seems to be getting on the road, after only three and a half hours of play, everything is suddenly over again, and we feel left hanging. In view of the long production time and the high revenues, we expected something more. Can Act 2 resume the loose thread, the story around the teenager Shae and Vella satisfyingly finish to knit and make Broken Age a round thing?

    Just as abruptly as Act 1 ends, the second part begins, on a "what happened so far" the developers whistle. This may be only logical, but Act 1 and 2 should have been jointly published together, but the reality is different: after more than a year, details about the plot and the characters, which are sometimes even important for puzzles, are long gone Our memory. A retrospect would have been a duty.

    Act 2 begins exactly where we left Vella and Shae. Once again, we join the two in their plans and change between the characters at will. At the very beginning, the second part of Broken Age confronts us again with interesting questions and provides some truly surprising insights about Shae's origin, which further arouse our curiosity.

    The great prelude, however, arouses hopes that the story can not hold. Neither Shae nor Vella make a real development - from a Coming-of-Age story, which is really expected of us, there is hardly anything to be seen here. The villains and their plans, which are only revealed towards the end, remain flat, and the finale is unspectacular. Just in contrast to the great beginning, the resolution is almost disappointing.

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