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    (Download) Hungry Cat Picross v1.74.1 APK for Android

    Fully Free Download Hungry Cat Picross APK for Android

    Hungry Cat is back and also goes back to the Picross superb!

    Use your shading brushes to complete the matrix and also locate the image that conceals beneath.

    Every level is a brain intro where you will certainly have to make use of both your reasoning as well as ingeniosity.

    On the off possibility that you like Sudoku as well as Logigrams, Hungry Cat Picross is definitely for you!


    400 structures along with an amazing super-lattice opened up each Tuesday

    Fundamental concepts: deal with each teaser by making use of numbers and also tones indicators

    4 difficulty modes and also furthermore Bonus levels

    Concept mechanism: examination as well as approve your theories

    Superordinary brush: utilize it in case you are stuck on a severe structure

    10 Google Play success to compile for fairly a very long time of enjoyable

    Contrast your ratings as well as your buddies and also the whole globe using Google Play leaderboards

    Feed Hungry Cat with massive quantities of sardines!
    Requirement: 2.3 and up | Size: 22mb | Version: 1.74.1

    Hungry Cat Picross v1.74.1 APK Free
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